• “I remember at first being so puzzled about what was happening. After putting on the strange jacket, I felt a loss of control over what I could do.   Then, as we began to eat, I realized I was dependent on my friend to help feed me.   But what surprised me the most was that I could not rush my meal; instead, I savored it more than usual.“

  • “For someone who had no knowledge of what was about to transpire, our unusual private bamboo jacket dining experience was humorous, joyful and enlightening. It was an opportunity to relax and get in touch with feelings that are usually embedded in our psyche!  We thoroughly enjoyed!

    Shelley is a most entertaining hostess!”

  • “You guided us into our senses so we could return to the sensory humans we are.  Your questions invited us to take a journey into the unknown. And you asked us to see a glimpse of the unseen.

    Thank you for being such a warm, heart-felt guide."


    "Bamboo Jacket parties combine fun and insight!"

  • “Shelley, you are a gem! You kind-a woke me up to possibilities about to happen. I loved the time for deep conversations. The food was delicious and nutritious.    That process could not have been more perfect. The Bamboo Jacket was a hoot. We all like dressing up. The dancing at the end was great!.  I felt happy and lucky to have participated.” 

    ~ Judy
  • “You worked the evening so that we got down into this place and then had the banquet.  Then, you are learning this stuff, learning this stuff about the person you are serving, learning this stuff about yourself. Then, you get through it and you feel, wow, I just did something I’ve never done before.”

  • Human Sense workshop was an interactive journey that allowed me the opportunity to truly feel at peace.  Living in NYC, my life is packed with places to be and things to do.  The workshop reminded me of what my body needs to feel nourished, and to engage my senses to explore the dimensions of an experience.  Shelley is a dynamic woman who is thoughtful in her intentions and interactions as she guides you through this life enhancing session.”

    ~ Amy
  • "The thing I most took away from the practice was a heightened sense of hearing. I was aware during the practice of listening to my breath, noticing the sounds within and around me. Likewise, I have been more mindful of the places of tension in my body and giving particular compassion to those places."

    ~ Henry
  • "I never had more fun expanding my comfort zone!"



    ~ David