Bamboo Jacket® Play Shops are a curriculum of social games based in our innate sensory awareness, communication dynamic, and capacity for reflective conversation.

Bamboo Jacket® ABC's

Align, Breathe, and Connect! ABC is easy to remember and simple to do. Every moment of every day invites ABC. Whether exercising, dancing, practicing yoga or while showering, sitting, or standing, texting or talking, the architectural integrity of the skeletal-muscular system hums beautifully within the laws of gravity. When we align, breathe and connect, we anchor in our physical selves and feel ourselves in space, coming into the present moment and knowing we are alive in our bodies. Following the ABCs allows us to relax, take care of ourselves and enjoy greater physical wellbeing.

Bamboo Jacket® Human Sense


Bamboo Jacket's Human Sense is an ongoing contemplative inquiry into the rich world of the human senses.  The senses show us ourselves and the world around us. Typically, each person leads with one sense over others. This deliberate inquiry deconstructs each sense to uncover the subtle world that opens our curiosity leading to rich, intimate self-discovery.

Discover Your Emissary

The purpose of the Bamboo Jacket® Play Shop: Discover your Emissary, is to cultivate a relationship inside yourself.  The Emissary represents the concept of the connector between the conscious and unconscious mind, acting as gatekeeper to your creativity and self expression.  In the Bamboo Jacket® Play Shops, Emissary’s connective role comes to life as an inner translator and communicator, tapping a deep source of intuition and wisdom. Emissary may connect strongly for each participant in different ways -- as a color, sound, shape, symbol, feeling, sense, flavored scent, or taste.


Materials for this Play Shop include pads, pens, pastels, music, instruments, scent, and puppets.