Bamboo Jacket® designs and offers transformational “learning play” parties and events. Lively activities and unique experiences in interpersonal communication and social dynamics provide the foundation for the Bamboo Jacket® Banquet, Play Shops, and Programs.


Signature Event


Bamboo Jacket® Banquet guides guests through a Sensory Exploration in a gentle and comfortable social setting.  The Banquet is performed in the context of a relaxed, congenial social environment in which guests live the parable of The Bamboo Jacket Banquet – a journey to discover how the wise live their lives. As they enact the parable, guests move through a sequence of sensory experiments, enabling them to open up to and connect with their own sense of self discovery.

The guests play sensory, sound, and movement games, follow lively and guided conversations, listen to songs and storytelling, don a bamboo jacket, and share a meal that is unlike any other dining experience. Music, dancing, singing, and conviviality combine to create ongoing sparks of insight.

Curiosity inspires connections with others. Together, guests become a newly- formed community. New friendships reveal the wonder and delight of personal connection in this dynamic experiment. All create and share the joy of being together and discovering how they are wise.

In our story, the King invites guests to a sumptuous feast. Each must wear a bamboo jacket, a garment with rigid sleeves that hamper any bend at the elbow. How will you dine? That is the discovery that we share at a Bamboo Jacket Banquet.  At the heart of the experience, are the connections that happen while dining.