Our Company


Bamboo Jacket® is an educational services company that creates interactive events and programs through entertainment.  A Bamboo Jacket® Experience is an experiential gathering that uses theatre to take its audience on an adventure of self-discovery, a journey into joy and self awareness through communication and group dynamics.  Bamboo Jacket® uniquely customizes parties and social gatherings to bring fun and play to education, training, team- building, and fund raising events.


A Bamboo Jacket experience reconnects us to a sense of awe and wonder that we knew as children and brings that outlook to our daily lives as adults. The variety of games with mind-body 'play' enhances our experience of the world and our relationships with friends, family, colleagues, our work and creative self-expression. The ubiquitous parable of The Bamboo Jacket Banquet has many versions from various cultures and traditions.

About the Founder - In 2008, “Shelley Hainer,” inspired by the story of Bamboo Jacket Banquet invited friends who were dining at a restaurant to imagine that they were wearing a bamboo jacket. The ten diners, who were familiar with the parable, were willing to try it.  Shelley, inspired by their willingness to experiment, and seeing the potential for a natural social gathering to become extraordinary, decided to create the Bamboo Jacket® Experience in its entirety.

Drawing from a rich background in the arts and sciences, Shelley orchestrated a Bamboo Jacket Banquet, had the jackets designed and produced and began offering the first Banquets in her living room.

Shelley Hainer